Online retailer of quality designer lighting ,ultramodern, contemporary and traditional chandeliers. Vendita di lampadari e illuminazione online, applique, plafoniere,faretti,piantane,lampade da terra. Italighting vente en ligne de lustres, luminaire et éclairage.


Since 1992 Italighting has served  thousands of customers, delivering italian style and quality lighting throughout Europe at the best prices. Now our goal is to continue this success bringing our service and  experience to a larger internet based clientel. All our products meet the highest quality standards possible and are backed from the best italian lighting manufacturers on the market.




Actuellement, l’éclairage joue un rôle fondamental dans la décoration des espaces. C’est pourquoi notre ligne de produits suit les dernières tendances dans le domaine des luminaires et offre tout un éventail de solutions adaptées aux différents styles qui coexistent de nos jours dans le monde de la décoration d’intérieur. crée des ambiances, et ceci implique de choisir parmi une infinité de modèles de luminaires. Avec notre catalogue de produits, nous
orientons votre choix. Recherchez le luminaires dont vous avez besoin pour
votre maison.
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La é nel mercato dell'illuminazione dal 1992 ed ha esteso il suo  successo tramite internet a livello europeo. Oggi l'illuminazione ha un ruolo fondamentale nell'arredo degli spazi ed é per questo che i nostri prodotti seguono costantemente le ultime tendenze, offrendo svariate soluzioni per decorare ed illuminare i diversi stili che oggi convivono nel mondo dell'arredamento. Nel nostro negozio online potrete scegliere da una vastissima gamma di lampadari, applique, plafoniere, faretti e illuminazione architetturale. La gran parte dei nostri prodotti é
 Made in Italy. 
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Lighting History
The source of light as it is known today actually begins way back in 1879. It was Thomas Alva Edison who introduced the first incandescent light bulb. It is a glass globe which is filled with a long thin filament and non-reactive argon gas. The glass that encloses the bulb works to prevent contact of oxygen from air with the hot thin filament. Otherwise, the material will be destroyed due to rapid oxidation. However, a man named William David Coolidge was the one to first patent the.....  more history.


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